27-29 September 2016

Oslo 2016

Course fee:NOK 4500

The fee has been set at NOK 4500 - a similar level to previous courses, and one which represents excellent value for money!

This fee includes -

  • Course taught by renowned and highly skilled speakers
  • refreshments and lunch each day in the attractive venue
  • dinner on the second evening nearby, and an
  • associated social/cultural event.

Participants from abroad will note that the recent fall in the price of the norwegian krone makes the cost to you or your institution even more attractive!

The registration fee is our primary source of income and is used to fund provision of the venue, speakers, website and other costs. NNIRC is a not-for-profit organisation and the committee receive no renumeration.

To ensure that we receive all the necessary contact details, please complete the following form and SEND. A confirmatory email will be sent to the email address you provide. (Please note that we read your details personally, the process is not automatic and it may take a day or two)

In the email you receive will be full details of where to make your payment, by IBAN bank transfer. To keep costs to a minumum, we are unable to accept payment by card.

We look forward to welcoming participants from across the Nordic region - and beyond- on 27th September!