27-29 September 2016

Oslo 2016

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We hope that you enjoyed NNIRC Oslo 2016, and that you or your colleagues might consider organising the next Nordic Neuro Interventional Radiographers Course!

We hope that the next organisers will continue the "tradition"-

  • In 2018?
  • Two to three days?
  • In English- so we are all on an equal footing
  • Covering a range of topics specific to radiographers in neurointervention
  • High quality presentations by leading experts
  • Maintaining the identity and profile of NNIRC

The internet domain name www.NNIRC.org will be maintained and made available to the next organisers as well as the format of the website, for the 2018 team to adapt as required with their own content, as will administrative rights to the facebook page. A financial grant may also be available.

We are still listening - at nnirc@outtlok.com!

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Updates under way.

The website is currently being updated for the 2018 course in Copenhagen. Stay tuned.

Organisers required!

The next NNIRC is not going to just happen by itself..

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